Courtpages Management Software


     The Courtpages Windows Management software has been offered since 1998 as a complete court reporting software package and Internet service for court reporting companies.

     Using the Courtpages Windows software you can schedule depositions and proceedings, create invoices, manage reporter payroll (3 different payroll methods), and create many reports customized for the court reporting business. The Courtpages Windows Software is a replacement to any other software package that you currently use to manage your company.

    By using our management software you also are have access to a complete interactive Internet site for your customers and reporters which includes a transcript, exhibit and invoice repository as well as a reporter online area for viewing schedule and payroll information 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Internet Repository for Customers

     Courtpages offers secure, branded, Internet repositories that integrate into your existing web site. Your Courtpages web area for customers, counsel, and others is a secure transcript, document and invoice repository that your company can provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using our Windows Management Software (explained above) you give customers individual access to transcripts, documents, and invoices within your Internet repository. Your customers can then logon YOUR secure web area and:

  • Download transcripts
  • Download exhibits
  • Search for transcripts
  • Retrieve exhibits and other documents
  • Search for exhibits and other documents
  • View invoices
  • Pay for invoices (using a major credit card)
  • Search for invoices
  • Order products
  • Schedule new proceedings
  • Email your company directly

     Each web page has your own company header, logo, and likeness so that customers never feel like they have left your web site.  All activity by a customer is recorded for you to view later. This includes when a customer logs on the Internet repository, fails to logon, downloads a transcript, orders a product, or schedules a proceeding. This way you can track exactly what is happening on your web area at all times. 

     Try a complete demonstration of a company that uses the Courtpages Internet Service by going to Logon using the username: Mason and password: 3333.

Internet Repository for Reporters

     The reporter web area is dedicated to the reporters who work for your court reporting company. Each reporter is given a unique username and password which allows them to logon and view information specific to them. By logging on the reporter area any reporter can:

  • View future calendar for the whole company
  • View future calendar for themselves
  • View unassigned future calendar
  • View work in process for themselves
  • View paid payroll and unpaid payroll for themselves
  • Lookup customer information (phone book)

     All of the above information is available on the Internet and at any time for your reporters to use. Your company may optionally password protect the future calendar and unassigned future calendar reports in case you do not want all reporters viewing them.

     By having a Internet site your reporters can check the calendar, check assignments, follow their work in progress, and inquire on any payroll reports whenever they want and from wherever they want. Phone calls can be reduced and communication can still remain clear as reporters switch to using the Internet to follow what is happening on a day to day basis in the company.

Digital Signature Service

      Courtpages offers a secure and legally binding digital signature service to all customers of our internet repository service. Our digital signature service is a replacement to RealLegal digital signatures or any other digital signature service used to electronically sign and authenticate documents and transcripts.

     The Courtpages digital signature system integrates directly with our Internet document repository to allow anyone to easy sign any document that is uploaded to our online repository. Each document uploaded may be signed on behalf of a reporter who certifies the paper/electronic document. When an attorney or counsel member attempts to download a signed document, it is first verified for authenticity using the digital signature on file. This guarantees each electronic signature and acts as a guarantee that the document has not been altered since the original was uploaded to the online repository days, months, or even years prior.