Courtpages Management Software

upgrades and support included

  The Courtpages Management Software can be purchased with or without the internet repository services. Our Management Software operates as a stand alone scheduling, invoicing and payroll management solution with the unique ability to integrate into our internet repository services for your customers and reporters at any time in the future.

   We take pride in our management software and integrated internet repository services as a whole and believe the complete package is worth more than a separate management application and web site separately. In fact, we hate to compare ourselves to the competition simply because our software and internet services offer so much more.

Courtpages Internet Repository

monthly service fee

  • Customer Transcript, Exhibit, and Invoice Repository

    Customers can access any file you upload for them
    View/Print Invoice just as they would receive in the mail
    Pay invoices online with optional credit card merchant account

  • Reporter Online area for 24/7 Schedule and Payroll reporting

    View/Print Job Sheets
    Link to maps of job location
    Complete payroll history

  • Online Job Scheduling for Customers

  • Online Product Ordering for Customers

  • Administrator area where you can view activity logs which are constantly being recorded and saved for later viewing by you. Online activity logs show who was on (customers and reporters) and what they did while online (downloaded transcript, paid invoice, scheduled proceeding, etc).

  • Administrator area for branding your online area. You can upload your own company logo, background graphic, and other information you would like to be displayed on your Courtpages web area.